The event is for adults only. The main theme of the party is Female Domination or Femdom. Feel invited to participate in the WFP if you are:

Dominant female

Experienced and beginners, professionals and enthusiasts, already having their submissive or just taking their first steps.

You are the Domina – so you are special. You – the stunning, domineering Female. Submission, inflicting physical pain, power? Yes! Show to the submissive the luxury of being under your heel. Seduce, tempt, enjoy perverted games but play it safe.

This is going to be the event you may have always dreamt of, the great gala of Dominas. You may come alone, with your submissive male/ female or with a friend. Don’t you still have your slave? During the WPF you may buy one for the party at the Slave auction or chose one from single slaves participating in the party.

You are more than welcome to bring your favourite gadgets with you – a riding crop, flogger etc. When playing in the playroom please observe the WFP rules – we stay sober, we unconditionally respect the safe word and preferences of the slaves that can be recognised by the colour of their wristband.

Sadistic Ladies, Tops, Dominant kinksters

Are you satisfying yourself in sadistic games? Or you may enjoy ABDL? Do you like to be Top? If you feel your superiority over the submissive, you are dominant in your own way, the Warsaw Freedom Party is just for you. There is a great chance that you will find someone amongst the participants of the WFP who may like your domination. You are welcome to join us!

Submissive males

Are you fascinated with Female Domination idea? Have you been unsuccessfully searching for the Domina or just fantasized about finding yourself under the heel of a dominant Mistress? It does not matter if you are experienced or you have just started discovering the submissive part of your nature. It is high time you exit the world of fantasy – we offer you an exceptional chance to experience yet the greatest Femdom adventure of your life. Participating in the Slave auction is the exceptional attraction and chance – sign up and you may be auctioned, sold, you will be able to serve your Mistress during the party – who knows what comes next? You will also be able to take part in the Private session in the dungeons. And all of these in the luxury settings, atmosphere of mutual consent and – the safe word is obligatory for all, and the colour of your wristband will guide the Dominas as to your preferences. If you are concerned about the privacy issue you may wear your fetish mask or hood.

Submissive females

A female is submissive to a female. It is a beautiful and exciting picture. Many Dominas like to dominate over females. That is why we cordially invite you to join us, dear Ladies - and your presence at the WFP will be duly appreciated.

Submissive transgenders, transsexuals, crossdressers, queer

Are you attracted to submission to women? Do you want to be surrounded by many beautiful Dominos? Put on your favorite creative and come to WFP. You will present yourself safely and have fun in an environment that appreciates and understands your passion. Lovers of women's costumes, underwear and makeup will find something for themselves at WFP - the feminization corner will ensure great fun for both Dominos and you!

Switches – females and males

During the WFP one should observe the strict principle of Female Domination, so a male-switch may only be submissive and a female-switch - the Domina or submissive.


During the Warsaw Femdom Party no male domination towards Females is tolerated. The Warsaw Femdom Party is strictly for Dominas and their subjects so please respect this rule.

Persons wishing to learn more about Femdom idea

Persons from outside BDSM movement are also invited to our party. You may come, watch and talk. Without feeling uncomfortable and without any concerns you may closely experience the sublime version of BDSM such as – Female Domination.

Are you Female, do you feel attracted by domination and would like to enter the Femdom world? We cordially invite you to participate in the WFP.

You and your partner would like to enter the world of Female Domination but you do not quite know where to start? Come to the WFP. You will be able to see truly beautiful side of Female Domination and you may even dare to try its taste. But noting by force – you do not have to participate in any games. You may only observe, talk, have a drink and dance. The only requirement is that you must observe the dress code and play according to the Rules of the event.