Studio Scandal

4 Sienkiewicza Street, 00–015 Warsaw, Poland

We have been searching for a long time for an appropriate place in Warsaw where the Warsaw Femdom Party could take place. We have succeeded to find a great place in the very heart of the city. The club has been designed in the glamour style, it is extremely sophisticated and it perfectly fits US – the Dominant Females. It is beautiful, pampered and classy. Studio Skandal guarantees discretion, nice and efficient service and ultramodern technical facilities. You will feell comfortable and surrounded by luxury. The sophisticated interior – plush sofas, mirrors, pouffes, glass tables just encourage subtle Femdom practices – foot fetish, using live footrest and soft trampling.

This is also the place with a note of refined perversion – in a clean, mood-lit playroom, equipped with the top quality BDSM furniture you would be able to release your dark lusts and enjoy the emotions while spanking, flagellation, bondage or locking in cages. But remember, we stay sober, respect the safe word and preferences of the submissive that you can recognise by the colour of their wristband.

3 levels of Studio Skandal are available for the participants:

Ground floor – big open space with a bar and a cloak room. The shows will be held at the ground floor, there is also a dance floor for these who would like to do some dancing. You can additionally enjoy the open bar – bartenders will make excellent cocktails, serve hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments included the catering offer.

Mezzanine – Ladies lodge, a place where you can have relaxed conversations, rest, enjoy soft Femdom practices or just admire the participants from above :) The seats on the sofas at the mezzanine are for the Ladies only. The submissive males may kneel or sit at the Ladies’ feet on the floor or pouffes.

Dungeons – Studio Skandal additionally offers a special place – dungeons in the basement, with interrogation and torture rooms. The entry to the dungeons leads through the doors from the VIP room. During the Warsaw Femdom Party the dungeons, due to the limited space, will be available to Dominas and their submissive taking part in the Private sessions to which you can sign up here.

Level -1 constitutes a big, 80-meter playroom, equipped with the highest quality BDSM furniture of the famous MTC Fetish manufacture company from Gdańsk. The playroom is equipped with two Full HD 3200–4500 ANSI projectors displaying the picture at the whole wall and with professional sound system. The special choice of music videos will entertain you. There are two elegant toilets at this level as well. Note! At the beginning and at the end of the event a dressing room will be sectioned off in the playroom (including a screen, mirror and some seats). You are requested to leave your coats and precious personal belongings (including telephones) in a cloakroom on the ground floor.