RULES of the WFP

  1. We play in the safe, conscious way and by mutual consent.
  2. The Dominas may only be addressed as Mistress (expressions such as Mistress, Lady or Madam are accepted) and must be treated with due respect.
  3. If you want to draw attention of the Domina just politely ask her.
  4. Dominas who want to play with the submissive must pay attention at the colour of their wristband:

red – I like spanking, I do not mind marks on my body (but without any break in the skin);

blue – I like foot fetish, other soft Femdom practices not leaving any marks on my body;

white – I am new and just want to watch others play, talk to me!

  1. Safe word. During the WFP there is one safe word for all participant, that is “STRAWBERRY”. Saying the safe word means an immediate end of any activity, that is a given practice. The safe word must be respected by all – Dominas and submissive.
  2. NO SEX. The Warsaw Femdom Party is the event excluding any form of sex. Practices such as: pissing, scat, blood play are banned, too. We rely on classy Femdom, tempting, aware behaviours and accepting pain which are the source of pleasure for Dominas but also the source of satisfaction of the submissive.
  3. NO PHOTOS. During the event taking photo is strictly forbidden. We offer services of an accredited professional photographer taking photos of these who want them against a special “wall of celebrities” on the ground floor. Persons failing to observe “NO PHOTOS” rule will be immediately requested to leave the party!
  4. NO MALE DOMINATION! During the Warsaw Femdom Party no male domination towards Females is tolerated. The Warsaw Femdom Party is strictly for Dominas and their subjects so please respect this rule.
  5. Discretion. We know how much you value discretion during intimate parties. That is why you may ensure yourself anonymity (especially submissive males who had never before participated in such events) by wearing stylish masks or fetish hoods. But please remember that persons wearing masks will not be able to participate in the Slave auction and Private sessions in the dungeons, and they will be less likely to meet the Lady of their dreams.
  6. Out of respect to Dominas, the Submissive males are requested to use their common sense when enjoying the offer of the open bar. Those who abuse alcohol will be requested to leave the party. We have a good time in the playroom without alcohol!
  7. Safety. A professional security company will watch our safety during the party.