Do you want to experience something special? Chained to the wall, tape bound, under the control of a hard-hearted Domina? Your Lady will interrogate you and, if needed, will play confession out of you.

Or maybe with your eyes blanked, wall mounted in handcuffs, you prefer to wait what comes next, trembling with uncertainty?

During the Warsaw Femdom Party you may enjoy a private session with the Domina in an exceptional place – the dungeons of Studio Skandal.

See dungeons See the interrogation room See the torture room

The sessions in the dungeons are additionally paid. The fee is PLN 150 for 30 minutes, cash payment on the spot only. The Sessions are held exclusively within the limit of preferences listed by the submissive in the form below. You can stop the game at any time using the safe word: "STRAWBERRY”. This word must unconditionally be respected. The sessions are safe and conducted by experienced persons.

Prodommes who will lead the sessions in the dungeons during the WFP: [ [the list will be provided later]

Application for the Private session in dungeons

Preference list (for the Private session in dungeons):