attention! the limit of applications for the slave auction has been exhausted!


Feel the essence of Femdom during the game where submissive males will, upon their consent and at their at their own request, be “auctioned” and “sold”, and Dominas will have fun choosing and auctioning “goods”. The slave will be handed over to the Domina who auctioned him off and he will serve her during the whole party. Of course all actions undertaken by the Domina will remain within the preferences of the slave, as listed in the application form. The form will be given to the Domina as a special Slave certificate issued by the WFP.

Note! The Slave auction is the sort of game only. We do not trade people. During the actions we use vouchers without any real financial value. Only Dominas may participate in the auction.

How is the Slave auction run?

The submissive must sign up and fill in a preference form as provided below. The form is used by an auctioneer to underline values of each participant put up for an auction and allows females to valuate the “goods” to be bought. This way comfort is guaranteed to Dominas and safety after the auction to the slaves. Ladies will know what to expect from their new “purchase”.

Dominas who want to participate in the Slave auction get from the organisers of the WFP special vouchers to be used during the auction.

Female and male slaves, with numbers attached, can be watched at the scene fifteen minutes prior to the auction. Dominas will be able to see and value the slaves from the distance. Male slaves dress code for the Slave auction – CFNM, sexy briefs, boxer briefs, collar, leash, handcuffs. Female slaves – general dress code of the event.

Then, the auctioneer will announce the beginning of the auction and introduce participants in any order. Each of them will be lead to the stage on a leash and will have a minute to present himself – invention and creativity is highly appreciated at this point. You may confidently show what you can do!

Auctioned slaves will be handed over to Dominas right after the auction.

Note! “Goods” cannot resign from the participation in the auction once it is commenced! The number of slaves to be auctioned is limited – candidates are admitted on the first come first served basis. The purchased slave can always use the safety word.

Application for the Slave auction

Preference list (while serving Dominas at the party):

Describe your additional advantages which may encourage Dominas to buy no one else but you (max 500 digits).